Bestie Date: Pip’s Donuts and Puppy Snuggles


After my (Niki’s) return from a six week trip to Europe (pictures coming soon!) we were overdue for a bestie date. Long overdue. To remedy the situation, we drove to Pip’s Donuts, a place which Bekah discovered in my absence and couldn’t wait to show me. She was right, it’s pretty amazing! We ordered 12 mini donuts with a variety of toppings and the Chai Tasting Flight of 5 varieties of chai. A well-meaning woman walked by our table and asked us if we were going to eat “all those donuts?” Yes, ma’am. pipsdonuts1

The small size of the donut creates the perfect ratio of fried outside to soft inside, and all the toppings were delicious, even the bacon one. The chai flight was an interesting experience and we weren’t fond of all the flavors, but we were glad we tried them all for science.

After finishing our sinfully delicious donuts, we drove back to Bekah’s apartment to play with her sweet new corgi puppy, Dolly.bekahanddolly

Look at that face! 

dollyIsn’t she darling? We’re smitten!

-Niki and Bekah (and Dolly too!)usanddolly


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