She Wore…Stripes and Florals

stripesandflorals1This edition of “She Wore” features stripes and florals, two of our favorite patterns.  Wearing two patterns at the same time isn’t as hard as it sounds.  Here’s what we came up with…

bekah3Bekah’s adorable blouse was the inspiration for this theme.  It has the whole stripes and florals thing built right into it.  How convenient!


Outfit Details: Top: thrifted. Skirt: Old Navy. niki2I wore my favorite striped shirt with floral Keds.  Sometimes pattern mixing is as easy as that.  Start simple, y’all.

niki1Outfit Details: Tee: thrifted.  Jeans: Old Navy.  Floral Keds: Ross.

stripesandflorals2We were all dressed up with no place to go, so we went for a walk in the woods and picked wildflowers.  We felt like a 21st century version of Anne Shirley and Diana Barry.  I mean, if they had lived in the modern era, they would totally go traipsing in the woods to take selfies, right?

– Niki and Bekah


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