You, Me, and the Sea – a Review


Every now and then I feel this incredible urge to go to the beach and nothing will make me feel better until I get there. It’s like how Ratty feels about the river in the Wind in the Willows.  Last June, Hunter and I went to Newport, Oregon for our honeymoon, so naturally we have lots of fond memories here. I thought I might share some of our very favorite places we discovered!


IMG_4827 cropWe fell in love with this hotel, Inn at Nye Beach. I booked it, simply because I liked the color of one of the rooms I viewed online, and it ended up being our favorite place we have ever stayed. In fact, a few months ago, when I got that desperate urge to go to the beach, we seriously planned to sleep in the back of our wittle Subaru. I guess we thought we’d b thrifty or something. I know, I hear you. “Beks, your husband is 6’5, he doesn’t fit on a normal mattress, let alone in a little car, and you hate sleeping on the floor!” I know. I was but a child, but a child in these matters. Any Bleak House fans out there? Inevitably, once we got there, it was raining and stormy. We looked at each other. Then out at the hurricane level downpour, then the back of our cramped Subaru,  and finally, Hunter said “how about I call our hotel?”. And that’s why I married him, so he can make the tough phone calls….and to help me admit defeat against cheapness, among other things. Although, I’ll have you know I kill the spiders in this relationship, just sayin’. Anywho, thankfully, “our hotel” had a vacancy in “our room” and our weekend was saved! I think deep down, we both knew we weren’t going to camp. Heh heh. We love any excuse to stay here. It’s lovely, clean, and fresh, and I believe has won several awards for their ‘green’ initiatives, which makes my husband’s environmental engineering heart jump with joy. What can I say? We grew up in Portland! On top of all of that wonderfulness, the hotel has an incredible view overlooking the historical Nye beach, and with some of the friendliest, most helpful staff you will ever meet.

IMG_4825 crop

The staff at our beloved hotel recommended Cafe Stephanie to us and therefore earned our abiding loyalty. Not only was breakfast amazing (I got the crepes with Marionberries), but lunch was too! On sunny afternoons, I still fantasize about their fish tacos, and I normally don’t like fish! ( I could hear my Mom gasping, “you ate fish???”) But these! These! Uhg! Mango salsa, fresh tortillas….ooooh my. If you are truly lucky, you can snag a picnic table outside and take in the friendly, historical neighborhood. Honestly, last time, we planned when to head out by Cafe Stephanie’s hours…and you should too. Yummmmy.



I think it’s time to go the beach again……




For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.” -E.E Cummings


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