Our Favorite Thrift Finds

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have a deep and abiding love for thrift shopping. Yes, we like the fact that it’s normally less expensive than retail prices, but mainly we love finding treasures that are often one of a kind! Plus, this girl (Bekah) is just a wee bit competitive, which makes thrift shopping extra exciting. Every time I walk into a thrift store, I look around to see if there is anyone with my same sense of style, or size, then, I keep an eye out to see if they find anything awesome before I do. Yes, it’s true. I do that. Oddly enough, my “competition” often turns out to be eerily similar to me, a few times they even had the same car! Woah!

Here are a few of our very favorite things we have discovered while thrift shopping:


thrift finds chair

I (Niki) found this chair for $20 at the Goodwill Bins.  It was the perfect replacement for the office chair with peeling faux leather that had been in my sewing corner.  It’s a lot bigger (and heavier!) than it looks and Bekah and I had a very hard time fitting it in her trunk.  Oops.



I (Bekah) fell in love with this charming antique dresser at the Goodwill bins. At the time, it was painted a grungy cream, but at $25 it was a steal. With a little love, blue paint, and a lot of sanding it is the little blue dresser I love today.


thrift finds skirt


Another Bins score!  It’s a half circle and hits below the knee.  I really like the vintage silhouette and it cost about 50 cents.



I stumbled upon this lovely retro apron in a local thrift store for just $3, and couldn’t get enough of the print! Once I washed off the glitter glue, it was as good as new! (I’m a poet, and you did not know it. WHAT??) The little pink loafers are another favorite of mine, I think they were $4 at Salvation Army.



thrift finds plate

I don’t know what to say about this plate except it was around $3 and I think it’s really pretty.  That blue color is my favorite.  🙂



This set of Pyrex bowls is my (Bekah, again) pride and joy. I grew up mixing waffle batter in the green bowl at my Gramma’s house, so when I finally put my set together, I was so thrilled. This set wasn’t really cheap, all together I think I paid about $40, but online they are coming up at $75 or more, so yay for me!

This is what we wear on our thrifty outings:


Comfortable, relaxed, with a slight grungy look…..we tell ourselves this keeps us from getting scammed, but really, we’re just lazy. Ha.

And this is how my husband, Hunter, sees us….apparently very short. Aw well.IMG_4916crop– Bekah and Niki


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