Bestie Date: Plant Shopping at Al’s Garden Center


Niki and I have made a decision. Yes, that’s right. We’ve made a decision to start a new series which we are calling “Bestie Date”. Instead of just sitting around at home eating chocolate covered blueberries and watching the Office on Netflix, (although, we will probably still do that…) we are gonna go out and see the world, at least the Portland and East county area. Heh heh.


As real grown ups (when in the world did that happen? Somewhere between braces and buying dental insurance, I’m pretty sure…), with our own living spaces and patios, we realized we needed to accessorize…with plants!!! We are on our way to becoming the best grandmothers ever with green thumbs and homemade ice cream down pat!


We headed to our local Al’s Garden Center, with only one small detour at one of my very favorite coffee shops, Cafe Delirium.  Al’s is a lovely  haven full of amazing seasonal shrubs, trees, and every kind of flower you can think of! Niki was on the lookout for some indoor plants, and I was in need of herbs and a fern.
als6 als4 If air plants, magnolias, and potting soil are your thing, make it a date! Plus, it’s so convenient having your best friend with you when you end up buying two 10lb. bags of potting soil. Love you, Nik.  Oh….We also love chai….so very much.als1

– Bekah, and Niki too!


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