Vine Gogh, Artist Bar and Studio in Sellwood – A review


Once upon a time, last Spring, while wandering around the lovely area of Sellwood, in Southwest Portland, Niki and I passed a window. Through the window, we saw nearly 30 women laughing, sipping wine, and painting like Bob Ross. In that moment, we knew this was our destiny. We decided this is how we would celebrate our upcoming birthdays. Several months later, we finally searched google for their website, and discovered that you choose which class you want to take by which incredible piece of art you want to recreate! Woah. I know.


On the fateful  Friday night of our class, Niki and I spent a good hour driving helplessly around the streets of  Sellwood. At some point, we passed some train tracks that I’m convinced were secretly a worm hole that took us to this crazy gated community . I’m sure  it was designed by a demented hobbit from the 1960’s. Eventually, thanks to Google Maps and my uncanny sense of direction (is there a way I can password protect this before Niki edits out my shameless self promotion??) We found Vine Gogh!

It was even more fun than we expected. Each guest gets their own stool and easel, with brushes, canvas, and a place to set your drink of choice.  Then, the super cheerful, and encouraging instructor, who I want to kidnap and have her tell me how stunning my hair looks every morning, leads you through how to paint your magnum opus step my step.  Halfway through the 2 and a half hour class , a break, with ‘refreshments’ is served. Do you know what refreshments mean? Snacks, people! No matter how old I get, snacks will always be the way to my heart….take note. Ha ha, but really.

Towards the end, we both started to take a little more creative license. Niki was a real rebel and used peach instead of the suggested pink, and if you look very intently at mine, you might be able to see the rings of Saturn.


We are definitely going to do this again, thank you for all of the fun and laughs, Vine Gogh!

– Bekah


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