Niki’s Everyday Makeup Routine

makeupLadies, let’s talk makeup.  (Not trying to be discriminatory, but gentlemen, this post isn’t really for you.)  For most of my life, I didn’t bother with the stuff beyond a dusting of powder, a touch of eyeshadow and maybe some mascara if it was a special occasion.  Now there are days when I apply foundation, blush, bold lipstick, the whole nine yards and other days when a swipe of mascara and lip gloss feels like enough.  It’s really about what mood I’m in (or how long I procrastinated about getting out of bed!)

Today I wanted to show you a fairly typical example of my everyday makeup routine.  I prefer a subtle, natural look, with the exception of bold lipstick, which I do love.  If you can rock the smokey eye, fake eyelashes and bright purple lipstick all at the same time, here’s to you, but if your preferred look is more subdued, read on for some of my favorite product suggestions!

Some days, if my skin is looking pretty good or I’m feeling extra lazy, I’ll skip foundation altogether.  For days when I do feel I need some extra coverage, I’ve been using the Physicians Formula Organic Wear BB Cream in the shade Light/Medium.  I discovered this at Ulta the other day, and so far I really like it!  It’s medium coverage with a sheeny finish and it smells like coconut.  I have been applying it with my Real Techniques face brush, but fingers work great too!

The one makeup step I never hardly ever skip is filling in my brows with Silk Naturals Brow Wax in the shade Medium Brown.  If I put any makeup on my face on a given day, I will use this.  It’s a must-have for me.

For eyeshadow, I usually gravitate towards neutral shades.  Today I chose Lace Dresses and The Abbey from Brija Cosmetics.  Lace Dresses is a light tan with shimmer and The Abbey is a matte caramel color.  They’re both from Brija’s lovely Downton Abbey Collection!

I used to hate pencil eyeliner.  I recently converted, however, when I realized that there are options that aren’t as hard as a regular graphite pencil.  My favorite is the Pacifica eyeliner in the shade Fringe.  Brown eyeliner is great for the less-coordinated and for those who prefer a more natural look.  My mascara is a free birthday gift from Sephora I’ve been trying to use up.  It’s by Makeup Forever.

Also from Brija’s Downton Abbey collection, the cream blush Poise is my favorite blush at the moment.  On me, this color is really subtle, flattering and healthy looking.

Choosing a lip product is the hardest and most fun part of my makeup routine.  I love a good bold lip but on days when I want to keep it subtle, Berry Nice from Silk Naturals is a great option.

Here’s the finished look using all of the products I mentioned:finishedlookYou might notice that a lot (most!) of my makeup is from “green” and indie brands. I just don’t really love the idea of smearing toxic chemicals all over my face, thank you very much!  I also like supporting small businesses.  But that whole subject is a post for anther day…

What’s your everyday makeup routine?  Also, would you be interested of more in-depth reviews of any of these products?

– Niki


4 thoughts on “Niki’s Everyday Makeup Routine

  1. Lovely everyday makeup! I’m like you, I must fill in my brows no matter what. Silk Naturals is a great brand – I used to order from them often, I really liked their lip balms and lip sticks.
    Since you’re into indie / natural makeup brands, you should do reviews of those! I’m not familiar with Brija Cosmetics.

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  2. I admit, I have quite a few things from Silk Naturals. I would love to do a more thorough review of Brija Cosmetics. I’m adding to my list of upcoming posts.

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  3. Greetings,
    What a lovely post! I am working on switching my makeup to as many natural products as I can. So it was fun to see that you were using the Brija Cosmetics. I saw them on etsy and was most intrigued. (Their sherlock collection made me notice their company) I am totally going to try out the brow product you mentioned as well. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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