She Wore… a Green Necklace

Bekah's outfit 1The is the first in our ‘She Wore…’ series, brace yourselves!

I wore my new beloved Fox shirt! It’s blue, foxy, and scoopneck…what’s not to love? Don’t answer that. While at the bank today, I spotted a girl with cuffed jeans so….I cuffed mine too. Yes, I do get most of my fashion inspiration from the bank parking lot, thanks for asking. My sweet, charming, but not-so-secretive husband bought me the delightful little green necklace at a Christmas bazaar 2 years ago. He really meant for it to be a Christmas present, after I “subtly” (that’s a funny word….sub-TILL-lee….suh-til-LEE…huh), dragged him past the booth multiple times and made riveting small talk with the lady behind the table, you know, just to, embed it in his mind. Anyway, he ended up giving it to me that very night, and Niki’s little sisters were not at all impressed by his secret keeping skills.

Bekah's outfit 2

Outfit details: Top -Anthropologie  Jeans – Levi’s Shoes – Thrifted/Target Necklace – Bazaar Find

Niki's Outfit 2

I love this shirt, even though I think I shrunk it a tiny bit…Oops.  I found it at Goodwill and it’s pretty high up on my list of favorite clothes acquired at thrift stores.  What, you don’t have a list like that?  Just me?  Ok.  This blouse is soft, flowy, cool and a muted shade of green that I love.  Sadly, this shirt doesn’t have a tag, so I have no idea what brand it’s from, which is a shame, because I probably would have purchased more shirts from them.

Niki's Outfit 1Outfit details:  Jeans: Old Navy.  Top: Goodwill.  Shoes: thrifted.  Necklace: House of Moss (gifted to me by Bekah!)

– Niki


5 thoughts on “She Wore… a Green Necklace

  1. Hi you guys! Hope your link is real success and that many will be following you! Lots of love, from Niki’s grandma!


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