Becky Sue Sews a Wedding Dress – Part 1


This month, last year, I set to work on the most crucial sewing project of my life. Many doubted me*.  What was this life altering project you ask? My wedding dress. Yes, Ma’am. I took all my pre-wedding stress and shoved it into one “scoop-neck, circle skirt, 1950’s silhouette, vintage inspired” dress. I said that phrase way too many times, to anyone who would listen. My co-workers or customers at the bakery I worked at, relatives, Fabric Depot employees (If you live within 3,000 miles of Portland and care about sewing, or buttons, or breathing, you should definitely go here! It will change your life……that’s not a guarantee, just so you know.) I think I hoped talking about it would help the dress sew itself……SURPRISE!!! It didn’t work….

Stay tuned for the next installment in the saga of “Becky Sue Sews a Wedding Dress!”……..

* To be totally honest, I think only the David’s Bridal employees truly doubted me…they seemed rather disgruntled that I only bought a dress bag, but no dress. So far that hasn’t impacted my life too much.

Many, many thanks to Amy of Rosencrown Photography for all of the hard work she put into my wedding. I’m forever in your debt…which may eventually translate into free babysitting if you play your cards right. Ha ha, but no really.

– Bekah


2 thoughts on “Becky Sue Sews a Wedding Dress – Part 1

  1. You are welcome at Fabric Depot anytime! It is always fun to see you when you come in. I am not surprised you made your dress. You come from a family of very talented people.


  2. I love that picture! Your dress is the prettiest wedding dress I’ve ever seen (and I’ve prowled pinterest on this subject quite a bit lol). Looking forward to part II! Luv ya! – Rory


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